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The Renfield Syndrome (Rhiannon's Law, #2)

The Renfield Syndrome (Rhiannon's Law, #2) - J.A. Saare WARNING! This review contains mild spoilers as well as a severe case of potty mouth!

Great.Fucking.Book !!!!

This is one of those books where you wish you had taken a speed-reading course because it is so good that you can't get the words into your head fast enough. When I was finished, I actually gave Ms. Saare a round of applause.

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It starts off at the end of the previous book where Rhiannon has been duped by a demon and has been transported 101 years into the future. The world has changed dramatically. Over the previous century, vampires officially revealed themselves and a war broke out between humans and vampires resulting in humans either having to hide for their safety or submit to being blood slaves for vampires.
Rhiannon spends most of the book trying to figure out how to get back to her time. In the interim, she finds out that Disco was killed shortly after she disappeared, which obviously devastates her.. She ends up inadvertently finding Paine and Goose and explains what has happened. It's revealed that they knew what happened to her and have been waiting for her to return. It is also revealed that Paine has been in love with her since he first touched her but kept quiet at the time out of respect for Disco.
Now, this is where I will deviate from most of the opinions of my dear, dear Good Reads friends. So I apologize ahead of time, Girls, if I piss any of you off! :) Rhiannon, having been traumatized by her recent experiences and feeling vulnerable decides to pity fuck the shit out of Paine. This (obviously) results in him being even more in love with her and her feeling ridiculously uncomfortable around him. (Well what the fuck did you think would happen, Rhiannon!). She eventually finds her way back to her time and manages to save Disco's life. Disco eventually discovers what she has done and loses his shit. He proceeds to mind-rape her to find out what happened. Here's a thought, Disco! Do you think you could have put your dick back in your pants for 5 minutes so your girlfriend can explain to you what happened like she has asked 100 GODDAMN TIMES IN THE LAST 5 MINUTES. Instead, you do exactly what she told you never to do because that would be the ultimate violation to her considering her horrific past. Here's another idea! How about after you mind fuck the shit out of her, resulting in her horrified screams, and find out that she really didn't do anything wrong, you don't just look at her with no emotion and leave the fucking room. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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You can say what you want about Paine but what he did pales in comparison to this. So, he screwed his best friends (who has been dead for a century) girlfriend.Who cares, Disco is dead,dead,dead,dead! It isn't like he's breaking the Bro code. I like Disco! I have a hard time believing that he wouldn't want his best friend and the love of his life to be happy together AFTER HE IS DEAD FOR 100 YEARS.

This is a book full of twists and turns (and Carter, yay!) and I cannot wait until the next one.