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Chasing Magic - Stacia Kane I’m writing this review at the end of April but will not post on GR until the beginning of June, a little closer to the official release date. I do this mainly so I can purvey the appropriate amount of ass-kissery to Stacia Kane that she so richly deserves. I would hate to think that any delay in putting thoughts to paper would dilute my complete and utter adulation for her. Okay, now that I’ve successfully reached uber-fan/creepy fangurl status, let’s talk Chasing Magic…..

If it isn’t obvious yet, Stacia Kane has done it again. It’s rare that a series continues on an upward swing at book five. CM definitely does it and I don’t see it ending anytime soon.

Downside has found itself in a bit of a pickle (above and beyond its usual misery and tragedy). Someone is tainting its drug supply, resulting in pseudo zombie-like murderers running amuck in the streets. Of course, Chess can’t just sit back and let someone else handle it. This is what she does. This is what she is good at. So, her and Terrible take to the streets to find out who is doing this. My favorite thing about this book is that we get A LOT more of Terrible. They work side by side throughout the whole book and IT IS HEAVEN (Well, mostly!).

Ms. Kane has the incredible ability to create characters that are completely jacked up, but I would love to spend any amount of time with. Either she has a helluva imagination or she’s been hanging out in some questionable neighborhoods. First, there’s Bump, for obvious reasons. But then she creates this piece of genius:

“ In the doorway stood a woman with blue braids erupting from her head in an odd patchy pattern as if she’d grabbed clumps of hair and braided them, then tied them off with scraps of red t-shirt. A hole-filled jersey dress about five sizes too big covered her from neck to mid-calf. Well, covered most of her; one of her breast poked out of a hole. She didn’t seem to notice it or care”

I would maim a distant relative to just spend one afternoon with this woman. We could spend the afternoon eating generic mac and cheese and watch The Bad Girls Club. Fantastic!

Terrible continues on his inadvertent quest to be the perfect man. Here are some of my favorite scenes:

As they are about to attend a wedding ( Chess is dressed in a cherry-patterned dress and cherry peep-toe platforms….YAYYYYY, so cute.)………
“He came around to her side and opened her door for her, eyeing her up and down as she got out of the car. His hand squeezed hers; a slight twist of his arm turned her to face him, standing not quite a foot away with his face in shadow, ‘Shit. You so fuckin pretty, Chessie. True thing. So…..ain’t even can breathe sometimes.’ “


As they are going into a scene where both could possibly die and Chess has told him how afraid she is to die, how afraid she is to be alone in The City……
“ ‘I ain’t….Don’t know how to say it up right. Never—Fuck, Chess. Thought you was dead once before, you recall? Never felt so bad in my life, not ever. Then on the other day, thought you was gone an just….I ain’t can do it, bein without you’…..He rubbed his neck, pressed his palm into his furrowed brow and took a swipe at his eyes. Cleared his throat, twice. ‘Don’t want to. An even if I did, ain’t can leave you down there on your alones. How can I do that one, aye? Leave my Chessiebomb there without me. Specially knowin you scared on it’ “


Chess shows growth in this book that gives me hope that she won’t completely fuck up everything. She’s a master at two steps forward and one step back. But its progress, slowly but surely.
There isn’t word on when the next book comes out, which gives me a mild case of the shakes. However, whenever Ms. Kane decides to release the next chapter I’m sure it will be more than worth the wait.