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Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake When I was 13, my best friend, I'll call her Evil Kristin, thought it would be funny to scare the living shit out of me. Unfortunately, she decided to make this a regular occurence as scaring me was so very entertaining.I remember at a sleepover her mother had recently bought the hardcover of the book "The Exorcist". She put it right next to my pillow so that when I woke up it would be staring at me. For those who have never seen the book, here you go:
The next morning I turned over and stared into the eyes of horror and screamed so loud her Siamese cat vaulted off the bed and face-planted into the closed bedroom door.

Good Times!

Evil Kristin continued on her "Pussification of Heather Tour" throughout our teens. Her most binding "prank" was forcing me to watch The Shining. I recall her telling me she had watched it with her brother and it had a "really sweet ending". Everytime I would get up to use the bathroom, she would screech "REDRUM, REDRUM!" and I would usually haul ass back to the bed either slamming my toe into the bedpost or kneeing the dresser at full speed.It was well into my thirties before I would go alone to fill the ice bucket at a hotel.
Anna Dressed in Blood regurgitated similar feelings in me but without the embarassing, teenage self-consciousness that always followed.
Our fearless leader, Cas Lowood kills the dead that cannot cross over. Cas and his mother move from place to place ridding the towns of whatever evil spirit is wreaking havoc on it's citizens.They move to Thunder Bay, Ontario where the ghost of Anna Korlov is rumored to have slaughtered countless trespassers who have dared to seek refuge in the dilapidated house that she resides in. What follows is a freaky, sweet, endearing and at times, scary as FUCK horror story. As Cas has spent his life moving around, he struggles with creating attachments to his highschool friends and to Anna as well, because Anna is different than the rest of the ghosts he has killed. In spite of my obvious squeamishness to anything scary, I had a blast with this book. The characters were likeable, the dialogue was witty and well-written and the plot moved along seamlessly. I'm glad there is a sequel in the works as I would hate to think I wouldn't be hearing from Cas again.