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Insurgent - Veronica Roth You know that book you read that you are so excited about that when you finish you run into your co-worker's office, book in hand, (Yes, I read on company time) and jump up and down until she gets off the phone and proceed to squeal with joy as she looks at you like she can't believe it's only 10:00 a.m. and you've already started drinking?....THIS IS THAT BOOK!!!!!


The story starts shortly after the ending of Divergent and Tris and "the gang" have fled from Abnegation and are on the run. After meeting up with the Factionless (who are surprisingly well organized), they decide to pay visit to the various other factions to see if they can drum up some kind of support to help in the war instigated by Erudite. While Tris is dealing with her feelings of guilt, loyalty, new love and a muriad of other conflicting feelings, their first stop is Amity ( AKA a Republican's worst nightmare). There they run into Marcus who lets them know that Erudite attacked Abnegation for a reason. A long time ago, Abnegation was entrusted with some extremely important information and Erudite wanted it. We do not find out this tidbit of info until the end of the book, but it's a doozy!!!!

Next stop, Candor... ( Side note: there is no way I could live here...If I had to be completely honest with my feelings about people I'd have zero friends and no job). There they run into Lynn, who has become one of my favorite characters in this book. While Tris is dealing with hostility from Christina and others over the death of Will, Lynn says the following line to Tris which cemented my respect for her:

" 'You are brave', she says.'You don't need me to say it, because you already know it.But I want you to know that I know.'

She is complimenting me, but I still feel like she has slapped me with something.

Then she adds, 'Don't mess it up!' "

I don't want to go into much more as there are many surprises along the way. However, I would be remiss in not mentioning Four/Tobias! God, I love this guy! Some of the sweetest moments occur between him and Tris. With the overwhelming gloom surrounding them, it makes it all the more precious. One of my favorite scenes between the two was this one:

" 'I love you', I say...........I am his and he is mine, and it has been that way all along.

He stares at me. I wait with my hands clutching his arms for stability as he considers his response.

He frowns at me. 'Say it again.'

'Tobias, I love you.' I say.

His skin is slippery with water and he smells like sweat and my shirt sticks to his arms when he slides them around me. He presses his face to my neck and kisses me right above the collarbone, kisses my cheek, kisses my lips.

'I love you, too,' he says.

I'm completely smitten with these two.

Insurgent ends in typical Veronica Roth fashion, with a cliffhanger. But a really, really good one, so it's impossible to be mad at her. I can't believe I have to wait another year for the final book, but if it's as good as this one then who cares.

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